From the farm to the table. Margot Restaurant by Alfaro/Acevedo-Arquitectura

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Project team
Main Architect.- Juan Francisco Alfaro. Associate architect.- María Emilia Lafranconi.
Technical Representative.- Arq. Gerardo Acevedo. Calculation of structures.- Ing. Panza Marcelo. Execution of the structure.- BR construcciones S.R.L.
Manufactured concrete.- Santa Fe Materiales S.A. Building materials.- Germat S.R.L. Metallic structures - Fisa S.R.L. Living room vinyl floors.- Forest materials. Enclosures.- Vidrios y Aberturas S.R.L. Kitchen and cellar floors and coatings.- Cerámicos La Plata. Glass linings in bathrooms.- Ferronato Vidrios y Sistemas S.R.L. Air Conditioning and Ventilations.- Prono Ingeniería S.A. Landscaping and organic garden.- Versalles SF. Kitchen equipment.- Gastronomic Engineering. Taps.- FV S.A. Sanitary.- Roca. Wooden furniture and bar.- Sobrero Muebles. Lighting fixtures.- Sergio Zóttico. Countertops.- Precisso Furniture. Sound absorbing panels.- Interior AD.
Completion date of the work.- 2020.
Barrio Guadalupe, Santa Fe Capital, Argentina.

Juan Francisco Alfaro, Gerardo Raúl Acevedo, María Emilia Lafranconi. Alfaro/Acevedo Arquitectura

Alfaro/Acevedo Arquitectura is an architecture studio founded in 2000, in the city of Santa Fe. The members of the studio are Juan Francisco Alfaro, Gerardo Raúl Acevedo, María Emilia Lafranconi

Their professional service is mainly oriented to private activity, project development and construction management for buildings for residential use, both collective and private. They also participate in the design and execution of commercial premises and offices.

The primary objective of Alfaro/Acevedo Arquitectura is to satisfy the client's needs by providing a comprehensive and personalized service, focused on creating adequate spaces to develop the required activity.



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