Gastronomic laboratory of the Todolí Citrus Fundació. Bartolí Lab by Carlos Salazar Arquitectos

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Architects in Charge.- Carlos Salazar Fraile, Marta Lastra Hernández. Hospitality Engineering.- Hosper Profesional. Consultants.- Ferràn Adrià (Bulli Foundation).
Vicente Todolí.- Todolí Citrus Fundació
Completion.- May 2019.
Enclosures made of plastered and painted cement block, interior plasterboard panels, Steel structure, galvanized sheet roof with wooden panel finishes and stainless steel work furniture.
Palmera, Valencia, Spain.

Carlos Salazar Arquitectos

Carlos Salazar Arquitectos is a studio dedicated to the different fields that architecture covers; design, building, landscaping, interior design, ephemeral assemblies.

It is located in the center of Valencia Spain with the ability to transcend the limits of the local sphere to be in communication with other disciplines and points of view, skillfully building bridges between the Californian and Mediterranean culture of innovation.

The style and personal stamp of the studio are characterized by the way of working of its director, Carlos Salazar Fraile, teacher and essayist closely linked to the world of contemporary art.

The basis on which each project is developed meets the needs of the client from a fluid and close communication that provides four key qualities: Experience, Design, Proximity, and Solvency.



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