Gastronomy in black and white. TFD Restaurant by Leaping Creative

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Design team
Leaping Creative. Design Director.- Zen Zheng. Designer.- Dingling Yao, Weitian Xie, Jiening Huang, Chang Chen
Guangzhou, China
150 sqm
Completion Date
Dec 2016

Zen Zheng - Leaping Creative

Zen Zheng. Co-Founder and Design Director of Leaping Creative

After graduating with a degree of BA (Hons) Product Design from Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, Zen Zheng has worked in various field such as product design, brand consultant and marketing in London, where he strengthened the belief that good design should achieve both creative realization and business problem solving.

He received awards including CSD (UK Chartered Society of Designers) Student Design Awards in product design category, Winner of Best Product Design in Hong Kong Inclusive Design 48-hour Design Competition and alsochosen as global TOP 100 post-80 Chinese Designers in 2012 and awarded Guangzhou Design Elite by Guangzhou Design Week in 2014.

Leaping Creative is founded in 2009. Led by Zen Zheng, it is a multi-disciplinary design team, which gathers outstanding designers from various fields including commercial research, brand visual identity design, communication, retail space experience design, interactive installation and material study.

We focus on retail brand experience design, with the believe that a good design should be both creative and problem solving, aiming to build unique images for each brand.




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