Geometric complexity and transparency. Martín Berasategui Restaurante by mecanismo

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Design team
Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica
Martín Berasategui
Companies that have participated
Construction-civil works.- Orizki. MEP.- Orizki. Structure and wooden enclosure.- Woodbeton Enclosures and glasswork.- Talleres Serman. Wood carpentry.- Construmad. Lighting supply and control.- Viabizzuno. Metalwork.- Kuma Estructuras. Stone.- Mármoles Mallebrera. Wood.- Construmad. Saxun.
Restaurante Berasategui. Loidi Kalea, 4, 20160 Lasarte-Oria, Gipuzkoa. Spain
Brands architecture products
Metal carpentry.- Jansen. Modelo Economy 50. Glassware.- Cricursa. Wooden structure.- Woodbeton. Lamps and lighting.- Viabizzuno. Floor.- Nadis Design.
Photography Fotografía

Architecture studio mecanismo

mecanismo is the result of the combination of a profound interest in materials and care for the execution of projects, with the obsession for investigation and innovation of new concepts.

It is an architecture studio located in Madrid, founded by Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica, two young architects with a dynamic and different vision of architecture and its processes, that have succeeded in achieving a unique and own line of work, directly associated to the importance of details and conceptual innovation. Today, integrated by a nurtured team of young professionals specialized in the design, development and execution of projects, systems and architectural products, mecanismo focuses its activity to edification and to singular design.

The work of mecanismo in the development of projects comprehends the control of the whole process, from the initial conceptualization to the design of the last detail; at every different stage of the project. This labor entails a precise coordination of everyone that intervenes at every phase and thorough control of the execution, and results in a coherent, harmonic and functional architecture.



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