Flying over the sea. Funicular in Mogán for the Riosol hotel by Atelier Lopezneiraciaurri architecture

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Ramón López-Neira de La Torre and Beatriz Ciaurri Martinez.
Riosol hotel.
Puerto Rico, Mogán, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain.

Ramón López-Neira de La Torre, Beatriz Ciaurri Martinez. Atelier Lopezneiraciaurri architecture

Atelier Lopezneiraciaurri architecture is an architecture firm based in Madrid, founded by Ramón López-Neira de La Torre and Beatriz Ciaurri Martinez are Architects from Navarra University School of Architecture. They have been in Atelier Lopezneiraciaurri architecture for more than 15 years, carrying out and supervising the whole design process, from design conception to technical development of different type of both Public and Private Projects. The firm´s work ranges from transport and infrastructure, workplace, industrial, hospitality, leisure and retail projects, with a focus on sustainable architecture urbanism and design.

They explore solutions until they find one that responds simultaneously to the client, users, the community and the planet. Each project has its optimal solution and its greatest effort is to find it. Because the project idea is always the most important, with a strategic architecture. They work on projects ranging from transport and infrastructure to work spaces, industrial architecture, hotels and leisure and retail spaces, focusing on sustainable architecture, urban planning and design. The sharpness in the detection of the opportunities of each project joins the rigor in the development and fulfillment of the demands of an increasingly regulated and fragmented context.



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