Göteborg Bathing Culture by raumlaborberlin Architects

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RaumlaborBerlin, RAUMLABOR

RaumlaborBerlin is a berlin based network-collective of architects founded in 1999. raumlaborberlin works at the intersection of architecture, city planning, art and urban intervention. We address in our work city and urban renewal as a process. We are attracted to difficult urban locations. Places torn between different systems, time periods or planning ideologies, that can not adapt. Places that are abandoned, left over or in transition that contains some relevance for the processes of urban transformations.

Raumlabor is formed by.-

Axel Timm
Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius
Christof Mayer
Florian Stirnemann
Francesco Apuzzo
Frauke Gerstenberg
Jan Liesegang
Markus Bader
Matthias Rick († 28.04.2012)

Raumlaborberlin, yes we do love the great ideas of the 60s 70s and the optimism which is inherent in changing the world at the stroke of a pen to the better. but we strongly believe that complexity is real and good and our society today does need a more substantial approach. therefore our spacial proposals are small scale and deeply rooted in the local condition…. BYE BYE UTOPIA!



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