Haptic and PIR 2 win competition to design Tårnkvartalet, a new school and cultural centre

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Landscape architect.- PIR2.
Bærum Municipality.
16,000 m².
2022 - 2027 (expected).
Bærum, Oslo. Norway.

Nikki Butenschøn, Scott Grady, Timo Haedrich and Tomas Stokke. Haptic Architects

Haptic Architects is a London and Oslo based practice established in 2009 by Nikki Butenschøn, Scott Grady, Timo Haedrich and Tomas Stokke.

Haptic’s ethos is to design buildings, spaces and cities that are rigorous in their pragmatism, elegantly composed and above all, have a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Haptic, referring to the sense of touch, is a guiding principle for our designs; we strive to determine the haptical qualities for each project and how they benefit the users of our projects. This translates into materiality, spatial relationships, light and the building’s relationship with the site. Much of our work is located in stunning locations and thus we are acutely aware of our responsibilities to design outstanding pieces of architecture that sit precisely within - and are complementary to - the context within which they sit.

Arkitektur. Pir II

Pir II was established in January 1994, in Trondheim, Norway, and we are currently located in Trondheim and Oslo, and at the moment establishing a branch also in Buenos Aires.

Pir II creates buildings and infrastructure in which the solutions and overall designs are dictated by the contents of the project in symbiosis with the local situation at the site. Their projects emerge through a close dialogue with clients and experts in different fields, such as landscaping, engineering, research and art. Recent projects include the new regional HQ for the national broadcasting company (NRK) in Trondheim, Rockheim, Lilleøya cemetery, Stokkøya Sea Centre and Campus Kristiansund.



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