Masterplan of Oslo Airport City by Haptic Architects and Nordic — Office of Architecture

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Haptic Architects.- Nordic — Office of Architecture
Buro Happold Engineering
Oslo Airport City

Nikki Butenschøn, Scott Grady, Timo Haedrich and Tomas Stokke. Haptic Architects

Haptic Architects is a London and Oslo based practice established in 2009 by Nikki Butenschøn, Scott Grady, Timo Haedrich and Tomas Stokke.

Haptic’s ethos is to design buildings, spaces and cities that are rigorous in their pragmatism, elegantly composed and above all, have a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Haptic, referring to the sense of touch, is a guiding principle for our designs; we strive to determine the haptical qualities for each project and how they benefit the users of our projects. This translates into materiality, spatial relationships, light and the building’s relationship with the site. Much of our work is located in stunning locations and thus we are acutely aware of our responsibilities to design outstanding pieces of architecture that sit precisely within - and are complementary to - the context within which they sit.

Nordic — Office of Architecture

Nordic — Office of Architecture is an architecture practice headquartered in Oslo with offices in London and Copenhagen. The practice works globally and has over 35 years’ experience working across a range of technically complex projects. Nordic’s international team has built an enviable reputation for working in diverse sectors including infrastructure, masterplanning, education and healthcare. 2017 sees the completion of two major projects: Gardermoen, Terminal 2 extension to Oslo Airport and Bergen airport. The practice’s landmark Istanbul New Airport, due to open in 2020, planned as the largest airport in the world.



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