Heritage recovery. Consolidation and Improvement of the Medieval Wall of Cabra by EYAC Arquitec

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EYAC Arquitec. Architects.- Alejandro A. Cobo Fernández.
Technical architect.-  Carlos J. Blazquez Nunez.
Dr Achitect.- Pilar Gimena Córdoba.
Hon. Cabra Town Hal.
1,275 sqm.
Year of construction.- 2022.

Alejandro Cobo Fernández, Carlos j. Blázquez Núñez. EYAC Arquitec

EYAC Arquitec is an Architecture & Engineering studio with more than 20 years of experience from its members in the integral management of projects.

EYAC Arquitec was born in 2018 as a result of years of close collaboration between its founding partners Mr. Alejandro Cobo and D. Carlos Blázquez, in a multitude of projects of different kinds, with D. Emilio Yanes in the past and with Dª. Pilar Gimena, from the beginning of this new stage.

We carry out actions on Building Pathologies, Structural Intervention, Intervention in Heritage (including BIC - Assets of Cultural Interest), Restoration and Rehabilitation; having intervened in a multitude of Special Projects of a very diverse nature, ranging from New Plant Works of Office and Housing Buildings to Interventions in Singular Works, with various uses, going through a multitude of actions related to the taking of Corrective Measures to problems related to infinity of pathologies in building and land engineering, soil instability, etc..., and advising the Administration and private companies in different areas, thanks to our great experience in the analysis and identification of pathologies in building and a great Knowledge of structural systems, soil mechanics and derived problems.



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