House That Opens Up to the Sun by Stempel & Tesar architekti

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Chief project engineer.- Aleš Herold.
Wooden construction statics.- Timber design.
Built-up Area.- 127 sqm.
Usable Floor Area.- 157 sqm.
Plot size.- 725 sqm.
Dimensions.- 800 cu m.
Project year.- 2016. Completion year.- 2022.
Windows.- OKNA.EU.
Stove.- FireTube.
Chair Masters.- Kartell.
Lighting Bloom.- Ligne Roset.
Switches Future Linear.- ABB.
Malé Kyšice, Czech Republic.

Ján Stempel, Jan Jakub Tesař. Stempel and Tesar architekti

Stempel & Tesar architekti is an architectural studio founded in 2008 in Prague by Ján Stempel and Jan Jakub Tesař. Their projects are dominated by the family housing program.

Ján Stempel has become one of the leading architects in the Czech Republic after a 40-year career. He gained his first experience in the SIAL studio and later used this experience as co-owner of the ADNS architectural studio. He became a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at CTU Prague.

Jan Jakub Tesař studied at the University of Delft while interning at Jeanne Dekker's architectural office. During his graduation from the Faculty of Architecture in Prague, Ján Stempel, at the time professor and tutor of his final project, contacted him to collaborate and set up the current architecture studio.



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