Housing in the desert of the palm for relaxation and calm. Muraba Residences by RCR Arquitectes

Housing in the desert of the palm for relaxation and calm. Muraba Residences by RCR Arquitectes
[Jumeirah - Dubai] UAE
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA
Muraba Residences by RCR Arquitectes. Photograph © Airey Spaces
Dubai is renowned to be hectic and restless. Muraba Residences is a minimalist sanctuary in Palm Jumeirah Island, for this reason, everything, from the soft color palette to the organization of spaces, aims to convey a sense of quiet.
Muraba Residences is a luxury propriety located on the exclusive Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai. It is a building realized by RCR Arquitectes, a collection of 46 apartments and 4 penthauses, each one of them with a view over the ocean in the long of the iconic Dubai skyline.

The essential architecture allows a smooth transition from the outdoor to indoor, and somehow brings nature within the building. Using just few yet extremely sophisticated primal material throughout has a calming effect as it gives one the luxury of tuning out the cacophony of the outside world.

Instead of being surrounded by other constructions, one can enjoy an open view on the Ocean and have a peaceful retreat on a land in the middle of the sea, yet tightly connected to city. Sun always shining, with boundaryless horizons, and direct access to the beach the life on Palm Jumeirah shines brighter

RCR’s ability of including nature in architecture and designing spaces that always convey a sense of serenity is what pushed us to work with them to realize Muraba Residences. Given the unique location, the sea and the light to be integral part of the building. 

RCR studied a way to orient the view of all the apartments towards the Ocean, and created ...read more
RCR Arquitectes
10954.0 m²
Project Year.- 2016
Design Team
RCR Arquitectes, Exedra, Rice Perry Elli
s, Hidi Rae Consultants
Structural Engineer
Rice Perry Ellis
Muraba Properties
Courtesy of Muraba
Civil Contractors

RCR Arquitectes

Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta, work together since 1988 under the name RCR ARQUITECTES in Olot. They are Premio Nacional de Cultura en Arquitectura 2005 by Generalitat de Catalunya, Chevaliers de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by Republique Française in 2008, honorary members by the AIA American Institute of Architecture 2010 and Internat...read more