Ibenergi Headquarters by Taller Abierto

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Taller Abierto. Nacho Román Santiago, Julio Rodríguez Pareja and Daniel Martínez Díaz.
Architect collaborator
Jorge López Sacristán.
Calle Río Jarama, 126. 45007. Toledo, Spain.
Ibenergi-Asesores Energéticos S.L.
Start of construction.- January 2016 / End of construction.- July 2017.
603 sqm / Cost sqm.- $946.
Structure.- Miguel Montero / Installations.- Ibenergi Asesores Energéticos S.L. / Construction Architect.- Paz Castellano Lizano.
Structure.- Concrete with 70mm pine cladding. / Ventilated façade.- Machined plates of anodized aluminum. Falkit System: Alu-Stock S.A. / Interior walls.- Carpentry and Methacrylates Kuma Structures. / Metallic locksmith, pergolas, railings, stairs and external fencing.- SOM Peninsular Services, Works and Maintenance, S.L. / Metallic carpentry.- Alugom aluminum profiles. / Floors.- Acoustic vinyl flooring in roll Forbo Flooring Systems. / Vinyl carpets.- Keplan / Acoustic ceilings.- Thermo-acoustic panels made of natural fibers Celenit-Maydisa. / Cement pavements.- Continuous concrete floors cut and machined with brass joints Pavicolor. / Gardening.- trees and lawn grass Viveros El Abeto / Radiators, convectors and radiant panels.- Runtal_Zhender.

Arquitectos Taller Abierto

Taller Abierto is an architecture studio based in Madrid, founded by Daniel Martinez Diaz, Nacho Román Santiago, and Julio Rodriguez Pareja. Open Workshop has been recognized on several occasions since its recent creation in 2011. It has won the first prize in the international competition "Living Aleutian Home" for the construction of a sustainable home in Alaska. His work has been selected and presented in numerous national and international forums and exhibitions - (Oregon, Milan, and Tokyo)

Daniel Martinez Diaz, architect by the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) in 2008. Assistant Professor of Architectural Projects at ETSAM in the Teaching Unit of Alberto Campo Baeza. 2006-2010. Architect collaborator in the professional studies of architect professors Alberto Morell Sixto (2003-2007) and Mariano Bayón Álvarez (2008-2011). Currently, he develops a doctoral thesis on the work of Jean Prouvé, as a researcher in the Department of Architectural Projects of the ETSAM, and combines academic activity with professional activity applying his research on industrialization to the development of projects mainly experimental housing. He is part of the Research Group "Geometries of Contemporary Architecture" of the Department of Architectural Projects of the ETSAM.

Nacho Román Santiago, architect by the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) in 2008. Assistant professor in the Teaching Unit of José Manuel López-Peláez in the Department of Architectural Projects of the ETSAM (2011-2014). He has worked as a collaborating architect in the studies of architect professors Carlos Asensio-Wandosell (2005-2007) and Mariano Bayón Álvarez (2007-2011). He currently combines teaching, academic and professional activities: He is a professor of construction and projects at the School of Architecture of Toledo (UCLM), develops his doctoral thesis on English architecture of the modern movement, and develops projects in the architecture studio Open Workshop, focused on research and construction of new housing models. He has maintained a process of research and artistic creation since 1988. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and has been distinguished with prestigious awards.

Julio Rodriguez Pareja, architect by the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) 2007. He won the first prize in the IV National contest of ideas for young architects in 2004 as co-author with Carlos Luxán Antón-Pacheco. He collaborates in the professional studies of the architects Álvaro de Torres McCrory (2005), Rodrigo Aragón and Ignacio Lumbier (2006-2007), Mariano Bayón Álvarez (2007-2011) and José María de Lapuerta (2011). Currently, he develops his professional work as an autonomous architect collaborating in different national projects and is developing a line of research within the Open Workshop for the construction of experimental housing in rural environments.



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