Intertwining city, society and art. Future Artspace H by AD ARCHITECTURE

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AD ARCHITECTURE. Lead architect.- Xie Peihe.
Project team
Site area: 4,000 m².
Building area: 1,600 m².
Start time.- august, 2021.
Completion time.- december, 2022.
Shantou, Guangdong. China.


AD ARCHITECTURE, an architecture studio was established in 2015. AD ARCHITECTURE intends to gather designers of common ideas to form a collaborative design team to develop local design. Its main practice includes architectural design, interior design, and soft decoration. Focusing on the design of villas, sales offices, offices, clubs, and public spaces, AD ARCHITECTURE is committed to providing high-level architectural and interior designs with its professional position and innovative design concept. Its goal is to create more creative designs.

Xie Peihe, Senior interior architect, is the founder and chief designer of AD ARCHITECTURE, committed to the creation of interior space and space experience. The design derives from life, so we extract emotional design inspiration and use rational design techniques to start every design from scratch, breaking inertial design thinking and making people have different experiences and joy in every different space.

Some of the awards that the studio and its founder have received are 2017 APIDA Living Space Bronze; 2017 IDEA-TOPS(Shenzhen), Nomination; 2017 A Design Award Design(Shanghai), Excellence Award; 2015 China(Shanghai) International Building & Interior Design Festival (CIID), finalist; 2015 Asia-Pacific interior design elite, finalist; 2014 China International Interior Design Biennale; 2014 CIDA silver award; 2013 Guangdong Environmental Design International Competition, Silver Award, Bronze Award; 2008 Asia-Pacific Interior Design Award, Winning Prize.
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