Lightness and essentiality of Japanese culture. Tori Tori restaurant in Santa Fe by Esrawe Studio

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Creative Direction
Héctor Esrawe. Design Concept.- Esrawe Studio. Interior Design and Furnishing.-  Esrawe Studio. Project Leader.- Heisei Carmona.
Project team
Javier García-Rivera, Lilian Betancourt, Roberto González, Cristina Margain, Fabián Dávila, Enrique Tovar, Abraham Carrillo, Viviana Contreras, Vanessa Ortega, Alejandro Uribe, Daniel Serna.
Renders.- Luis Frausto Correa. External Advisors.- Casa Lux, HF Arquitectos, Grupo Bimer, High Tech Services, Figueroa y del Buen, Alusa, Ansul, CTC Ingenieros, Joaquín Ceballos, Cecilio Rodríguez, Oscar Rodríguez. Lighting.- Luz en Arquitectura. Landscaping.- Taller Vertebral.
Total Built Surface Area.- 720 m².
Start and End Year.- 2019-2020.

Héctor Esrawe. Esrawe Studio

Esrawe Studio is a cross-disciplinary design atelier located in Mexico City. Its aim is to develop furniture, interior design and architectural solutions for museums, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, residential developments and private houses.

The team at Esrawe Studio consists of about one hundred people, and includes from highly experienced designers, architects, specialized production technicians, and graphic designers, to craftsmen and women, administrators, and, of course,  a team of manufacturing experts that makes sure that each one of the studio’s products is optimally crafted –from conceptualization to the finishing details.

Héctor Esrawe was born in 1968 in Mexico City. He graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA) with the title of Industrial Designer in 1992. He started his career as an independent designer under the firm Esrawe Studio in 2003. He was a design professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana for four years and created the Industrial Design Degree in the CENTRO study house, where he was Design Director for three years.  

Esrawe’s designs include a great variety of typologies, from furniture and objects to interiors, commercial spaces, installations and cultural exhibitions. His work is characterized by the great passion and respect he feels for the objects and furniture created by hand, in combination with the use of technologies and contemporary industrial processes. This has earned him recognition and international awards such as Mexico’s Best Interior Designer at Firenze Entremuros Award 2019, Best of Year Award 2019, AZ Award 2018, Jury Prize and People's Choice in FRAME Awards 2018, Wallpaper Design Award 2018 and Interior Prectice of the Year in World Interior News 2018 among others.   

His work is present in the permanent collection of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, with the Centípede bench and the Vestigios jewelry collection. He has participated in different conferences and workshops around the world; his work has been published in numerous print and digital media.



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