Löyly Sauna by Avanto Architects

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Hernesaarenranta, 4. Helsinki, Finland
Design.- 2011 Completion.- 2015/2016
1071 sqm + 1510 sqm of terrace
6 million €
Antero Vartia and Jasper Pääkkönen, Kidvekkeli Oy
Avanto Architects Ltd / Ville Hara and Anu Puustinen, Architects SAFA
Antti Westerlund, architect SAFA Hiroko Mori, architect Laura Nenonen, student of Architecture Xiaowen Xu, student of Architecture
Interior Design
Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio / Joanna Laajisto
Structural Design
Ramboll Finland Oy / Hans Wilkman, Teemu Nyyssönen + SS-Teracon Oy / Reijo Kytömäki, Ville Korkiamäki + Lasifakta Oy / Tahvo Sutela
Marine structures
Ramboll Finland Oy / Juha Kärkkäinen

Anu Puustinen - Ville Hara Avanto Architects Ltd

Anu Puustinen and Ville Hara are partners and founders of the Helsinky-based practice Avanto Architects Ltd. The name ‘Avanto’ – literally a hole in the ice for winter swimming – symbolizes the office’s design philosophy. The partners enjoy nature and hope to preserve the same opportunity for future generations to do so as well. Avanto Architects strives to create architecture that is sustainable in the widest sense of the term. With works ranging from product design to urban planning, the architects aim to design through an understanding of the users of their projects, in order to create ambiences that evoke an emotional response.More than just physical buildings, they see architecture as a means to improve the quality of life for all who engage it.

Among their largest realized works is the Chapel of St Lawrence in Vantaa, Finland, completed in 2010. The building serves as a prime example of the partners’ manipulation of materials, light, and spatial rhythm. It has been awarded the Copper in European Architecture Award, the 2010 Finnish Concrete Award and the City of Vantaa 2010 Quality Prize. Most recent projects include wood covered sauna Löyly that was nominated for Finlandia Prize for Architecture 2016. The project is a clear example on how architecture can bring people joy and happiness, the goal of their professional work.



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