Luis Martínez Santa-María wins the "Fear of Columns" competition

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Luis Martínez Santa-María (Madrid, 1960), PhD architect for the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. He studied at the Madrid Higher Technical School of Architecture where he is currently Professor of Architectural Designs.

Among other recognitions, he has received the Madrid City Council Architecture Prize (1991), the Manuel Oraá y Arcocha Prize (1997), the ASCER Prize (2005), the Hispalyt Prize (2009), the Fritz Höger Silver Prize (2014), the FAD Award (2017) and the Luis Moreno Mansilla Award (2017).

He is also the author of the books: The tree, the road, the pond before the house (2004) (Extraordinary Prize of Doctoral Theses of the UPM), Intersections (2005), The book of the rooms (2011), Principles (2012) , Superposiciones (2018), Contact (2020) and The expression of weight (2021), a book also published in English (The expression of weight), as a result of the research carried out during his stay at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (2012).

Luis Martínez Santa-María has been a Member of the Quality Commission of the City of Madrid (2010-2011), Member of the Commission for the Protection of the Historic-Artistic Heritage of the Madrid City Council (2012-2018) and Director of the collection of La Cimbra books, from the Caja de Arquitectos Foundation (2005-2015).



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