MAXIMAAL, Children Education and Care-centre by Simone Drost Architecture

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Simone Drost Architecture
Project Team
Simone Drost, Onno Groen, Kees de Wit, Christianne Schets, Stephanie Zeulevoet, Pascalle Asgarali, Joost Molenburgh, Noud van den Berg, Maurits Verhoef
Construction.- IMd Raadgevende ingenieurs, Rotterdam – Leon Wielaard. Installations.- Volantis,Venlo. Building physics and sustainability.- LBP Sight, Nieuwegein. Bouwmanagement.- Stevens van Dijck, Zoetermeer - Mark Kottmann. Cost Calculation.- Eversteijn Buildingconsult, Den Haag
7,000 m²
Extra insulated building envelope, (passive house), fresh schools catogory A&B, wooden facade with preserved wood under fully FSC, whole plant prepared for Heat Cold storage for future use, led lights with daylight control and presence detection, CO2 controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, building management system with overtime and vacation programs per user timers for automatic on and off of climate and ventilation plants, low temperature system with floor heating, green playgrounds with optimal insolation.

Simone Drost Simone Drost Architecture

Simone Drost. Born in 1960 in the Netherlands, and graduate of the Architectural Association in London. Simone quickly started her career as an independent architect after a short training at Mecanoo architects in 1992.

In 1992 creates her office in Rotterdam, Drost + van Veen architecten bv. Based mainly in the Netherlands, eclectic production involves both homes as educational, cultural or medical projects. Between her recent projects, a health center for adolescents, the museum of culture and history of Ter Aar, 250 homes in Rotterdam and a Montessori school in Groningen.

After a successful collaboration of 21 years, in which beautiful projects have been realized within Drost + van Veen architecten bv, both have decided from mid-2014 to split the company and each go their own way.

From Groningen to Rotterdam, Amsterdam, New York, Chicago, Sydney, Vienna and Paris. Rotterdam is currently her location with a studio in the campaign of France.
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