The Mill by GutGut

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Štefan Polakovič.- Lukáš Kordík.- Jana Benková.- Tomáš Vrtek
Project. 2015-2016.--- Implementation. 2016-2017
Turbínová 13, Bratislava
Plot area. 2676 m².--- Built area. 857 m².--- Net floor area. 3695 m².--- Built volume. 20100 m³
Co-authors of architectural study
Roman Žitňanský.- Patrícia Botková.- Katarína Bergerová
Investor. Teslová, s. r. o.--- Author of Graphic identity and information system. Ľubica Segečová.--- Supplier. ise, s. r. o.

Architecture studio GutGut

GutGut is an innovative Slovak architectural studio under the leadership of architects Štefan Polakovič and Lukáš Kordík, who works from small interventions through designing buildings to urban planning. Their well-known realizations such as a dwelling house on Dunajska street in Bratislava, the reconstruction of a block of flats in Rimavská Sobota, five seas at Senecké lakes or the conversion of the industrial building Mlynica in Bratislava are based on international experience and at the same time react to the local context and history. GutGut is also active in the public sphere as co-organizer of the DAAD (Architecture and Design Day) festival in Bratislava, which allows critical discourse on local issues at the international platform. GutGut is an ARCH Prize laureate and a multi-laureate CE-ZA-AR Architecture Prize laureate.



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