Monochrome in a house. Black house by MDAMMM

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Sant Cugat del Vallès - Barcelona, España.

Marc Duran, Alba Masides, Margarita Martínez. Mdammm

Mdammm. Architecture studio founded in 2008 by Marc Duran, Alba Masides and Margarita Martínez. What we believe could be most interesting about our collaboration, since 2008, would be having been able to convey a transversal and interdisciplinary vision in what we understand as the culture of the project. Everything that interest us and that we have focused on, each one from their particular point of view: the plasticity of graphic design, the beauty of detail and the proportion of the piece that fits in form and function, the search for comfort and the use of rationality in favor of harmony in an interior space and the importance of universal accessibility as a social function. Proposing sustainability and energy efficiency where it does not want to be —almost as an obligation— as part of common sense in the (necessary and already essential) rationalization of the use of resources. And always, with great respect for the pre-existence of the site, space, environment and the voids that relate them.

Perhaps because of all this, our projects, our discourse, do not follow a straight line, but drift towards new places that we want and hope are unexplored.



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