More public space into Santa Monica development plans by Frank Gehry

More public space into Santa Monica development plans by Frank Gehry
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New Gehry design for Ocean Avenue (Renderings courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP)
A proposed complex in Santa Monica by Frank Gehry has been updated by the locally based architect to include a lower rippled tower, along with more affordable housing options and pedestrian areas. The project is 29497 square meter on about two acres at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Ocean Avenue.
Originally the Gehry-design proposed as 22 stories, in response to community and city feedback, a number of changes have been made to the Ocean Avenue project since it was first presented five years ago. The hotel has been reduced to 12 stories—or 39,6 meter—to comply with the city’s new development plan for downtown. It’s just one part of a larger project that would also include a museum, shops, ground-floor open space, and 79 apartments. In addition, ground level pedestrian areas have been reorganized and improved, while museum and cultural programs remain untouched. importantly, the number of rental units and affordable units has been increased, while condominiums have been removed and the hotel program reduced.

The new downtown plan caps building heights at 25,6 meter, but allows the three big projects to top out at 39,6 meter if the developer seeks a development agreement, which would allow the city to ask for community benefits, like money for parks and transportation.

Gehry has said the project “has the potential to reinvigorate Ocean Avenue, and could be a catalyst for more public amenities along Ocean Avenue.”
The project is being backed by developers more

GEHRY Partners, LLP

Gehry Partners, LLP. The Gehry Partners team on the Battersea project is headed by Craig Webb and Brian Aamoth. Gehry Partners, LLP is a full service architectural firm with extensive international experience in the design and construction of academic, museum, theater, performance, commercial, and master planning projects.

Founded in 1962 and located in Los more


Frank Owen Gehry, was born in 1929 in Toronto (Canada), but adopted American nationality after moving to Los Angeles in 1947 with his parents. He graduated in Architecture in 1954 from the University of Baja California and began working in the studio of Victor Gruen. After completing his military service, he studied Urban Planning at Harvard and returned to Gruen’s office. He moved to more