New look with a timber structure. Hayward Field - University of Oregon by SRG Partnership

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SRG Partnership. Lead principal.- Jeff Yrazabal. Design principal.- Rick Zieve.
Design team
Project Manager.- Aaron Pleskac. Project Designer.- Marquesa Figueroa, Assoc. Project Designer.- Whitney Ranson, Assoc. Project Architect.- Eric Wilcox. Project Architect.- David Webb, Assoc. Project Architect.- Elias Gardner. Designers.- Asayo Shioiri, Kris Chan, Jarod Kurzner, Jessica Paley, Zoe Sadorf. BIM Resource.- Kirill Ryadchenko. Interior Designer.- Qiqi de Graaff, Uwe Bergk. Specifications.- Jim Wilson. Model Resource.- Marshall Turner.
Civil Engineer.- Mazzetti. Structural Engineer.- MKA. Mechanical Engineer.- PAE Engineers. Electrical Engineer.- PAE Engineers. Geotechnical Engineer.- GRI Geotechnical Resources. Landscape.- Cameron McCarthy and PLACE Studio. Lighting.- Horton Lees Brogden (HLB). Branding.- AHM Brands. Code.- FP&C Consultants. Wind Consultant.- RWDI. Exhibit Design.- Gallagher.
Hoffman Construction Company.
15,610 m²
Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Jon Schleuning, Dave Richen and Fred Gast. SRG Partnership

SRG Partnership, Inc., was founded in 1972 as the dream firm of three young and ambitious architects: Jon Schleuning, Dave Richen and Fred Gast. The three principals began their practice in the basement of the Portland Art Museum, adjacent to the outdoor sculpture court.

Their first project was the John’s Landing Master Plan, establishing precedence for SRG’s planning expertise that continues to this day. Within several years, SRG added numerous K-12 public school projects to its portfolio. These projects served to establish a niche in the education market which has today grown to include more than 40 community colleges and public and private universities.

In 2002 SRG teamed with Rick Zieve, Dennis Forsyth and Ralph Belton to start the Seattle office, which began with large-scale public projects such as Bellevue City Hall and the Washington State Capitol Building historic restoration. Today SRG is a regional practice with projects across the western United States and beyond.



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