New pedagogy, new space. Aldapeta Maria Ikastetxea Marianistas School by Antonio Lorén and Olatz Maestre / IDOM

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IDOM. Lead architects.- Antonio Lorén, Olatz Maestre.
Project team Design team
Site Supervision.-Antonio Lorén, Olatz Maestre
Construction execution managemen.-Luis Mingarro.
Other architects.-  Hugo Valle.
Structures.- Fernando López, Cristina Salavera.
Project Management.- José Francisco Muñoz.
Costs.- Luis Mingarro.
Environmental Engineering.- Jorge Guillén.
Lighting.- Fernando Catalán.
MEP.- Jorge Guillén.
Electrical Engineering.- Fernando Catalán.
Fire Fighting.- Jesús Sau.
Telecommunications.- Diana López.
CAD.- Ana Melús.
17,932.50 m².
Project.- 07.2015 - 07.2017. Construction.- 12.2016 - 10.2019.
Calle Aldapeta 17, 20.009 San Sebastián, Guipuzcoa, Spain.

Olatz Maestre

Olatz Maestre (Bilbao, 1976). Graduated as an architect specialising in Urban Planning from the University of Navarra (ETSAUN) in 2002. She joined IDOM in 2002, where she has been working ever since.

Among her most outstanding works for public bodies and administrations are the drafting of the projects and Management of the Works for the Refurbishment of the Old Metropolitan Seminary of Zaragoza for a New Municipal Administrative Centre (1st. "Accessibility Award 2008), or the New Building for the Headquarters of the Provincial Court of Zaragoza; she has also carried out works related to transport such as the Calatayud Bus Station (Finalist in the García Mercadal Awards 2011), and the Building of Workshops and Garages for the tram in Tenerife; or sports facilities such as the General Services Building for the Helios Swimming Centre in Zaragoza (Finalist in the García Mercadal Awards 2013), or the design of sports complexes such as the Abechuco Sports Centre Swimming Pools and the San Andrés Civic Centre in Vitoria. Her recent projects include the logistics warehouse and offices for Amazon in Zaragoza and Badajoz, the Aulario Building at San Jorge University, the new Marianist school in San Sebastián and the General Services building at San Jorge University (1st Prize XXXVII Ricardo Magdalena Award, 2018; Finalist XXXII Edition Fernando García Mercadal Architecture Award, 2018).

Antonio Lorén Collado

Antonio Lorén Collado is an architect by the ETSA University of Navarra. He has been working at IDOM since 1998, and is Head of the Architecture Department in Aragon. He teaches Integration II and Projects II at the School of Architecture of the University of San Jorge.

Among his most outstanding recent projects are the Aulario Building at the University of San Jorge, the IQE Water Treatment Building and Infrastructure, the Refurbishment and Adaptation of the Bridge Pavilion for the headquarters of Mobility City, the new Marianist school in San Sebastian, the Fire Station No. 4 in Casetas, in Zaragoza or the General Services Building of the University of San Jorge.

His works have been recognised by the Consejo Superior de Colegios de Arquitectos de España CSCAE, La Institución Fernando El Católico, El Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Aragón COAA, la Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Endesa Energía, ENOR; and selected in the Arquia Próxima Programme and in the 6th European Landscape Biennial.



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