The patio as configurator tool in an industrial facility. Fire Station nº 4 by IDOM

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IDOM. Antonio Lorén Collado, Jose Ángel Ruiz González.
Project team
Principal in charge, Concept Architect, Site supervisor.- Antonio Lorén Collado. Concept Architect.- José Angel Ruiz Gonzalez.
Other architects.- Nuria Montero García, Alejandro López Pèrez. Project Management.- Antonio Lorén Collado, Rubén Pérez de Marcos, Jesús Gil Finestra, Alejandro Arnedo. Structures.- Alberto Ayensa, Javier Bentué. Environmental Engineering.- Jorge Guillén Ferrer. Lighting.- Fernando Catalan Herreros. Public Health Services.- Jorge Guillén Ferrer. Electrical Engineering.- Fernando Catalan Herreros. Telecommunications.- Diana López Martínez. Fire Strategy.- Diego Abril. Acoustics.- Raimundo Bambó Naya. Sustainability.- Jorge Guillén Ferrer. CAD.- Sergio Cubero Belenguer. Site Supervision.- María Pilar Hernando, Antonio Lorén Collado, José Angel Ruiz Gonzalez. Project Execution Management.- Ana Villacampa. Construction Management.- José Angel Ruiz Gonzalez.
MLN Mariano López Navarro.
1,245 m².
Project.- Dec/2009 - Oct/2010, June/2016 - July/2016. Construction.- May/2017 - Sept/2018.
Zaragoza Avenue. Casetas district, Zaragoza, Spain.

Antonio Lorén Collado

Antonio Lorén Collado. He is an architect with a specialty in urban planning (1987-1994) from the ETSAUN Higher Technical School of Architecture at the University of Navarra.
He has a Postgraduate in Research and Advanced Architecture (2013) from the Superior Technical School of Architecture of the University of San Jorge ETSA, USJ.

Antonio Lorén Collado works for the IDOM company. He has developed in different positions as Head of the Architecture Area, Project Director Architect, Idom Partner, and ACXT 2008 partner.

Jose Ángel Ruiz González

Jose Ángel Ruiz González. Senior architect (1995-2004) from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of La Coruña, Spain. Where he completed the Final Degree Project "Collective Residential and Social Center in Feans (La Coruña)".

He obtained the title of Project Manager Professional PMP in 2016 at the Project Management Institute.

Jose Ángel Ruiz González works for the IDOM company. He has developed in different positions as Project Director and Project Development.



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