Preserve the original character. Integral reform of the Bizkaia tower by IDOM

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Project team
Project Manager.- Gonzalo Carro. Architect/s responsible.- Gonzalo Carro. Project management.- Gonzalo Carro. Collaborating architects.- Fernando Garrido, Ignacio Angulo, Cristina Jodar, Patxi Matute. Costs.- Gontzal Martinez, Agurtzane Insa, Sergio Llamosas, Jose Andoni Aguirre; Francisco Javier Ruiz de Prada. Structures.- Natalia Sagasti, Gorka Viguri, Pedro Niño. Air conditioning.- Lorena Muñoz, Unai Ugalde, Mikel Bilbao, Diego Zarranz. Plumbing and Sanitation.- Alberto Ribacoba, Mikel Bilbao, Diego Zarranz. Electricity.- Miguel Garcia, Mikel Bilbao, Diego Zarranz. Lighting.- Miguel Garcia, Diego Zarranz, Luz Bilbao. Fire protection.- Mikel Bilbao, Lucas Legay, Diego Zarranz. Centralized Technical Management.- Veronica Menoyo, Monica Muro. Acoustics.- Sara Benito, Angela Lorenzo. Sustainability.- Blas Beristain, Eduardo Tello, Amaia Lastra. Certification LEED.- Amaia Lastra, Iñigo Aguirre. Administrative staff.- Sonia López, Carmen De Castro. Works supervision.- Gonzalo Carro. Works execution management.- Gontzal Martinez, Agurtzane Insa, Jose Andoni Aguirre. Construction management.- Gonzalo Carro. Work execution management.- Gontzal Martinez, Agurtzane Insa, Jose Andoni Aguirre.
30,400 sqm.
35.70 million euros.
Project date.- 2016-2019. Execution/work date.- 2016-2019.
Gran Vía 1, 48001 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain.


Iñaki Garai Zabala. An architectural graduate from the University of Navarra, Iñaki Garai Zabala joined IDOM in 1993 ((within his firm ACXT Architects until 2015, when it disappeared and the Architecture team would use the name IDOM), and became a partner of the firm in 2003. Now the Director of Architecture in Bilbao, he is responsible for the northern part of Spain, France, Colombia and Asia.

His work has been published in different architecture publications and books, such as Detail, Arketipo, Plataforma Arquitectura, Arquitectura Viva, ArchDaily, Urbanism & Architecture (China) Architektur + Wettbewerbe (Germany), Office et Culture (France), Eco Living (Switzerland), Showhouse (United Kingdom) ...

He has spoken extensively on the work of IDOM and other topics related to his professional experience in national and international arenas: Instituto Cervantes in London, Universities in Spain and Mexico, or the IASP Congress in Beijing.

He has received professional recognition through awards and invitations to participate in events and exhibitions such as; the Building Exhibition the Basque Country, Basque Government, 2018; Biennial Prize for Architecture of São Paulo IX, Brazil in 2011; Award in the 6th edition of the Architecture Awards of the Society of Architects of China in 2011; the City Prize, AVNAU Urbanism and Ecology in 2009; Selected for the Ministry of Housing Exhibition “Young Architects of Spain” in 2008; Finalist in the COAVN Awards in 2001 and 2007; or selected for the FAD awards in 2001.

His most outstanding and award-winning works include the General Services Building in Erandio, the Bakio Sports Center, various social housing developments and the CEIBS Business School in Beijing, China. He is currently developing several projects in France that have been awarded through public competitions.



Inés López Taberna is architect from the University of Navarre specialized in town planning.She works at IDOM since 1997 and she is a member since 2008. Her work as an architect has been extensive in the field of council housing, for both private and public developers. Particularly outstanding are the 88 and 65 council dwellings in Zabalgana and the 72 and 104 in Elejalde and Borinbizkarra.




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