No location museum. Truck Museum, MuMo x Centre Pompidou by Hérault Arnod Architectures

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Artist.- Ateliers Vicat-Blanc and BA AS, preventive conservation consultancy.
Produced with Art Explora.
With the support of the Ministry of Culture, the DRAC of Île-de-France, and the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports.
Endowment of the Milk for Good Fund, The Macif Foundation.
43 sqm interior + 15 sqm of open loggia.
Contest.- November 2020.
Entry into service.- July 2022.
PROCAR.- coachbuilder, interior designer.
Chassitech.- damping mounting brackets, damping material
Procédés Halliers.- lighting equipment.
Lorenzoni.- illuminated sign.
Magnum.- loggia stage equipment.

Yves Arnod, Isabel Hérault. Hérault Arnod Architecture

Hérault Arnod Architectures is a Parisian architectural studio founded by Yves Arnod and Isabel Hérault in the early 1990’s in Grenoble . The team is composed of fifteen architects, with different profiles and from different nationalities, who share a demanding and prospective vision of architecture.

The studio works on a diverse array of programs, from micro to macro, from small architectural objects to territorial scale projects such as working spaces, housing, or mixed-use buildings for both public and private clients. Hérault Arnod Architectures has developed a specific expertise in the architecture of public venues, which often involves large numbers of visitors and flows, whether for concert halls and congresses, theaters, or large sports and cultural facilities.

Each project draws its substance from the specificity of the program and the environment in which it is located. This systemic approach seeks to reveal the forces and energies at work in order to find the right answer for each situation. By operating from the environment - urban, peri-urban, rural, natural - the architectures produced are always unique, with recurrence in the process, rather than in the formal result.



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