An oasis of optimism. Gialla House by gon architects

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gon architects. Gonzalo Pardo.
Project team
Carol Linares, Cristina Ramírez, María Cecilia Cordero, Kostís Toulgaridis, Celia Urbano.
REDO Construcción.
47 sqm.
Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain.
Flexible Space
Miro SOFA from MADE.
Gladom SIDE TABLE from IKEA.
Dining TABLE from Rastro Madrid.
Janinge CHAIRS from IKEA.
DesignBite STOOLS from MADE.
Clock from ESPACIO BRUT.

Spotlights SIX XS from ARCOSLIGHT
Linestra from OSRAM.
Lamp MADEDAY from FLOS, Designer Konstantin Grcic.
Lamp OBIQUE from FLOS, Designer Vincent Van Duysen.
Lamp FADO from IKEA.
Circular Lamp ALTAMIRA from BPMlighting.
Lamp GLO-BALL from FLOS.

Acapulco CHAIR from ACAPULCO.
Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero).

Gonzalo Pardo. gon architects

gon is a Madrid-based architecture and design office headed by Gonzalo Pardo since 2014. His practice focuses on research and development of unique architectural projects of different scales ranging from urban planning to buildings to interior construction.

The common denominator of his works is a playful, experimental, critical and optimistic view of the contemporary. In a constant dialogue based on observation and details, their interest focuses on the creative processes of architectural design and construction, as well as the role of mediation and communication of architecture as fundamental vehicles for the transformation of the world into a more sustainable, dignified and free place.

Gonzalo Pardo has been an architect from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid  (ETSAM) since 2007, and a Doctor of Architecture since 2016. His thesis "Cuerpo y Casa: Hacia el espacio doméstico contemporáneo desde las transformaciones de la cocina y del cuarto de baño en Occidente" obtained the outstanding Cum Laude rating, and received for it the 2016-2017 Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Award and an honorable mention in the XI call for the Arquia Foundation Thesis Contest.

Since 2007 he teaches as a visiting professor at the Instituto Europeo de Diseño (IED), in Madrid; the Illiois Institute of Technology (IIT), in Chicago, United States; Lund University, in Sweden, and the Master in Collective Housing (MCH), in Madrid. He has been a professor in the Master in Architectural Communication (MaCA) and in the Master in Advanced Projects (MPAA) of the Department of Architectural Projects at ETSAM. He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Architectural Projects at ETSAM.

He has been deputy curator of the Spanish pavilion at the 16th Venice Biennale, and since 2000 he has obtained 41 national and international awards, including the first prize for the remodeling of the AZCA block in Madrid in 2007; the second prizes in the international Skyscraper competitions, in New York, and Velux, in Denmark, in 2007; COAM award in 2014 for the Paréntesis curator cycle, honorable mention in the Europan 14 competition at the Barcelona location in 2017 and finalist in the FAD Awards for Architecture and Design 2020.



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