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Chief designer.- Terry Xu. Designer.- Zuanquan Huang. Construction drawings.- AND DESIGN. Decoration design.- Lucien Soft Decoration. Materials supplier.- Grepoo Material Trade. Furniture supplier.- Masanori Art.
500 sqm.
Start time.- 2019. Completion time.- 2020.
European Industrial Park, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China.

Terry Xu. Masanori Designs

Lucien Organization - Masanori Designs is an innovative design company equipped with a group of vigorous and creative professionals who have diverse backgrounds and share same values. Led by international vision, it works in various fields, ranging from brand, space and VI to products. The company doesn't restrict its designs to a certain style, but focuses more on the cultural context and connotations behind projects and strives to utilize modern design languages to create unique scenes.

Masanori Designs is mainly dedicated to design practices and researches in three typologies of projects, including residence, office and new business. It insists that design can lead a new attitude towards life, innovate work modes and create new commercial value. This unique design concept has been well recognized by the market. The company's exceptional design works have won numerous design awards at home and abroad,  and have been awarded by APIDA for multiple times.

The founder, Terry Xu, has been engaged in the design industry for 18 years and started his own business in 2008. Currently, he is also the council member of CIID. 

Terry Xu applies architectural thinking to interior design practices, and he doesn't confine his works to a certain style. Instead, he focuses more on integrating connotations behind projects and his life experiences into design, injecting imaginations and thinking into the space, and hence evoking people's various emotions. He strives to guide people to discover more possibilities that the art of space and human brings to life. So far, his design works have won numerous awards at home and abroad.



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