Palace complex for contemporary gods. Olimpo Nômade by Langarita Navarro

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Langarita Navarro. Architects.- Víctor Navarro, María Langarita.
Project team
Javier Estebala Alández, Antonio Antequera Reviriego y Fran Abellán Estevan.
Inflatable Architecture.- Espacio La Nube. Álvaro Gomis, Hugo Cifre, Miguel Ángel Maure.
Backstage Managers.- Elliott Jack, Dominik Prosser, Raul Caldeira & Theodora Karakassi.
Event Horizon + Rolling Loud.
Elliott Jack & Dominik Prosser.
Afronation + Rolling Loud.
Irmafer Structures.
Installation / Inflation / Running Equipment.- Roberto, André, Bruno, Cabral, Miguel, Igor, Janeta, Mauro, Ricardo, Hugo Morals, Luis Claudio, Andre Paulino de Oliveira, Gleison Barbosa Flor, Wallace Sousa, Mateus, João Figueirinha, Manuel Pires, David Castanheira, Felipe Henrique Otto, Jean Lopes.
900 sqm.
Rocha Beach, Portimao, Portugal.


María Langarita (1979) is architect graduate from Universidad de Navarra, awarded with the Premio Nacional Fin de Carrera. She has been associate lecturer at the Architectural Projects Departament, at the Universidad de Navarra and at the ETSA Madrid, and as lecturer at the ETSAZ, Zaragoza, Spain. Víctor Navarro (1979) is architect graduate from the ETSA Madrid, he actually works as lecturer in Architectural Projects at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. They are both now developing their doctorate thesis. At the same time, Víctor Navarro together with Roberto González are co-founders of Urgente, defined as an aperiodic publication for the dissemination of documents that may be of current interest.

They work together since 2005. They have been prize winners in several competitions, among which the following could be highlighted: the renovation of the Nave 15 at Matadero Madrid to become the Red Bull Music Academy 2011, second prize at the international competition for the ARCO Actual Art Center in Madrid, first prize at the Intermediae/Prado international competition in Madrid, in an advanced stage of construction nowadays, and their work has been selected to be exhibited in different places and events like the XI BEAU Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Bienale (Comillas, Madrid, 2011), YAP Space Maxxi Roma (2011), XI Bienale Venezia (2008), FreshForward in Madrid (2007), 44 International Young Architects (travelling exhibition, Barcelona, 2007), and at the RojoMáquina Gallery, Madrid (2007). They also have been invited to a number of conferences and workshops, and they also have been jury in the Santo Domingo Bienale.


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