Place, human, machine and project union. Square + Bus Stop In Vinaròs by La Errería

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LA ERRERÍA architecture office.
Carlos Sánchez García.
Luis Navarro Jover.
Castellón Provincial Council.
2,650 sqm.
Project.- December 2020
Construction.- April-November 2021.
Carrer Vint-i-nou de Setembre s/n. Vinaròs, Castellón, Spain.
NAVARTI.- Thickened porcelain stoneware.

Carlos Sánchez García, Luis Navarro Jover. La Errería Architecture Office

La Errería Architecture Office is an architecture studio founded by Carlos Sánchez García & Luis Navarro Jover (Alicante, 1983) in 2012, besieged by the serious crisis that was hitting the global economy.

Far from the dynamics of sprawling growth of the time that it perceived them to be and that only attended to interests outside of architecture, the office opted, out of reaction or necessity, for the small commission, which believed in the needs of people and places. .

The works they present have in common a certain degree of freedom, being able to guarantee the client greater conceptual intensity, greater constructive research and, why not, greater formal coherence, which, without a doubt, contributes to establishing a richer relationship. with the inhabitants and their environment.

Faced with positions that focus on size, standardization or immediacy, they remain convinced that new strategies are necessary that bring architecture closer to the place from new perspectives that have to do with sustainability, proximity and deep and effective reflection.

1st PRIZE for Urban Planning and Landscape of the Official College of Architects of the Valencian Community 2023.
1st PRIZE Ideas Contest for the new Novelda Roundabout.
1st PRIZE LOT 1 PAU 4 and 5 sports area on San Juan Beach in Alicante.
1st PRIZE EUROPAN 15 Raufoss (Norway).
1st PRIZE Urban Regeneration Ceramic Contest CRU III.
1st PRIZE at the Krakow International Architecture Biennale 2017.
1st PRIZE for Architecture and Rehabilitation from the Official College of Architects of the Valencian Community 2013/2014.
1st PRIZE ‘MMOD IKEA Object Design Award’ from the Murcia Open Design.
2nd PRIZE Urban Regeneration Ceramic Competition CRU V.
2nd MATIMEX International Architecture AWARD 2018.
2nd PRIZE for Interior Design from the Official College of Architects of the Valencian Community 2015/2016.



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