More than a stop. Bus stop "Puerta de Moguer" by Ahaus arquitectos

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Ahaus arquitectos. Project architects.- Ana Gómez Mogeda, Henar Herrero Soriano y Antonio Olaya Camacho.
Engineers.- Calconsa. Quantity surveyor.- Antonio Rivas Pérez
Ayuntamiento de Moguer
Builder company
182 m²
Completed.- 2019
Precast concrete benches.- Modekons. Luminaires.- Artesolar. Clock.- Cándido Valverde. Stainless steel.- Islamar.

Ana Gómez, Henar Herrero, Antonio Olaya Ahaus Arquitectos

Ahaus Arquitectos was founded in early 2018 in Huelva, by three young architects: Ana Gómez, Henar Herrero and Antonio Olaya. They began their professional practice during the crisis and have worked during these years in consolidated architecture firms and as free professionals. They focus all theirr efforts on the return to the classic triad that defines the essence of Architecture: The ‘Utilitas’, the ‘Firmitas’ and the ‘Venustas’.
- The ‘Utilitas’. Of the function, of the utility. To make a building respond well to the specific function for which it should serve. Or, that is able to respond in time to various functions.
- The ‘Firmitas’. Of the firm, of the lasting. A well constructed building will be able to last many years. It will stand up well over time.
- The ‘Venustas’. Of aesthetics, of beauty. The hardest to control but the most interesting. The first two find their full meaning precisely when the latter is reached.



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