Play of nuances between the sky, house and vegetation. Shoemaker House by Jaime Juárez R. Architect

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Jaime Ruiz Vega, Juan Manuel Marín, Silvia Chávez Cerda.
Built area.- 241 m². Plot surface.- 441 m².
Completion date.- January 2020.
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Jaime Juárez Ruiz

Jaime Juárez Ruiz studied architecture at La Salle University, graduating in 2004. Upon completing his studies, he collaborated in the design area of ​​X CENTRIS, a real estate developer in the city of Morelia.

Later, he worked independently, consolidating his experience in the design and construction of residential projects, which were based on modern principles.

In 2010, he founded ELEMENTO ARQUITECTURA, dedicating himself to the development and management of architectural projects. In 2016 the company was divided into two, thus creating JAIME JUÁREZ R. ARQUITECTOS, a workshop that was born to complement the integral design of its works. With the help of his collaborators, he experiences more fields of architecture, among which landscaping and photography stand out.

Always in search of functionality, her works are a balance between nature and sober architecture, both in textures and visual finishes; that achieve different sensations, outside and inside the created spaces.



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