The poetics of Carme Pinós in the new Crematorium, in Igualada Cemetery

The poetics of Carme Pinós in the new Crematorium, in Igualada Cemetery
[Igualada-BCN] Spain
metalocus, JOSÉ FABERO
The poetics of Carme Pinós in the new Crematorium, inside the cemetery of Igualada. Photograph © Jesús Arenas
Carme Pinós designs a funeral installation, the crematorium, inside the park of cemeteries in Igualada.

The crematorium by Carme Pinós stands on a hill above the cemetery of Igualada. Hidden from the cemetery, integrated in the nature above an aromatic flowers field the crematorium aims to generate a proper atmosphere to allow an intimate farewell.

Its sculptural form is nourished from the conventional funeral materials, mixing a predominant concrete structure and ceramic finish.

Project description by Estudio Carme Pinós

The project responds to the desire to integrate into the cemetery without distorting the great poetics that emanates from it.

We are located on the top of a hill that covers the chapel and services, so that from the cemetery does not perceive the new building but, instead, we perceive the atmosphere and beauty of the cemetery.

The main idea of ​​the project has been to understand with delicacy the situation that the program implies. Our position has been to relate to nature by creating a more

Carme Pinós Desplat
Elsa Marti, Jeanne de Bussac
ECP Director
Samuel Arriola (Architect)
Dirección de ejecución
Jordi Mari
Calaf SA
Structural engineers
Manuel Arquijo i Associats
372.000 €
Constructed area
252 m² (constructed), 1248 m²
September 2015-June 2016
Carrer del Països Baixos Nº23, 08700 Igu
alada, Barcelona. Spain
La poética de Carme Pinós en el nuevo Crematorio en el cementerio de Igualada. Fotografía © Jesús Arenas


Carme Pinós i Desplat graduated with a degree in architecture from the school of Architecture in Barcelona (ETSAB) in 1979. In the mid 1980s the architectural proposals she developed in partnership with Enric Miralles obtained recognition in several architectural competitions. In 1991 she set up her own studio and since then she has combined her activity as an architect with teaching as more