"Pols in Ahmedabad" by Almudena Cano

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Almudena Cano Piñeiro, is an architect and urban designer. She is also co-founder of LanA, a  laboratory dedicated to urban anthropological research, design and teaching. Since 2011, LAnA has been developing experimental research methods to analyze and represent the construction of collective identities in the urban scene. LanA members have participated in conventions and exhibitions such as EME3 “Global problems, local solutions”(Barcelona, 2011) and “Ideas Urbanas 2.0” (Barcelona,2012).

In 2012 she graduated from the EscuelaTécnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, where she first developed her understanding of architecture as a tool for social empowerment towards a better and more sustainable future. Her graduate project “Urban Strategies to Regenerate Indian Public Space: A Case Study of Pols in Ahmedabad, India” was awarded the COAM “PFC Innovation Prize 2012”, ISARCH Award 2012, Hicbook 2012 and Graduates Architecture Award 2012. The project is finalist for both the Global Graduates Award (Architectural Review, 2012) and ARPA-PETC Young Researchers Award 2012.  It was recently awarded the Hunter Douglas Awards-Archiprix 2013 in the framework of Arch Moscow NEXT exhibition.




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