Rediscovering a place. Pallejà Sports Complex by JPAM

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AMB Team.- Oriol Ribera, Marta Juanola, Gisela Trabi.
Structure.- Masala Consultors.
Engineering Outdoor Courts.- MOSE Enginyers.
Engineering Canopy.- AMB.
Quantity surveyor Outdoor Courts.- AT3 Oller-Peña. Arquitectes tècnics.
Quantity surveyor Canopy.- AMB.
Outdoor Courts.- Eurocatalana Obres i Serveis.
Canopy.- Grupo IZER.
AMB, Pallejà Municipality.
4,500 m².
Pallejá, Bajo Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain.

Jorge Perea, Amado Martín, Samuel Llovet. JPAM

JPAM. It is an architecture and urbanism office, established in 2013 in the 22@ district of Poblenou and founded by Jorge Perea, Amado Martín and Samuel Llovet. Actively involved both architecturally and urbanistically in the dynamisation of Barcelona and its metropolitan area, their central interest focuses on researching and influencing the material, cultural and civic transformations of contemporary cities and their inhabitants.

In its projects, the studio seeks to re-imagine the existing and create new contexts with a flexible outlook and an innovative methodology in the way of designing. With a disciplinary approach to thinking while making, and with a reflection sustained by the teaching work of the firm's founders, its methodology is based on an approach that is at the same time theoretical, artisanal and pragmatic, which is adapted to each project, is constantly updated in the debate with users, clients and consultants and is strengthened by the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Its projects include major remodelling work on important city arteries, such as the redevelopment of the Gran Vía, in the section between calle Badajoz and Rambla de Poblenou, and of Avenida Alfonso XIII in Badalona; the urban planning projects for the new infrastructural intersection of the Gran Vía - Besòs axis, the master plan for the new Mercat del Peix science cluster and the Llull-Pujades-Ponent area (22@ SS11); and, in the architectural field, the refurbishment of the façade of the building of the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC) and the construction of the new VITA student residence in Barcelona's 22@ district.



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