Economic perfection. La Rinconada municipal sports pavilion by NGNP arquitectos and MLOPEZ arquitectos

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NGNP arquitectos (Enrique Naranjo, José Antonio Plaza y Juan Carlos Herrera) + MLOPEZ arquitectos (Manuel López y José C. Oliva).
La Rinconada City Council.
AFC Construcciones y Contratas S.L., DIZU S.L. (UTE).
3,012 sqm.
La Rinconada, Seville, Spain.
€ 2,200,000.


NGNP is a Seville-based architecture practice led by José Antonio Plaza, Juan Carlos Herrera, Enrique Naranjo.

José Antonio Plaza. He was born in Seville (Spain) in 1977. Architect graduated from the Seville School of Architecture in 2004. He is a collegiate architect He is a collegiate architect nº 5490 of the Official College of Architects of Seville and has had a revalidated degree for professional practice in Mexico since 2013. He student collaborated in the studio of José Mª Jiménez and Ángel L. Candelas in Seville, with whom he later worked as an associate architect during the period 2004-2009, developing an intense professional production. In 2009 he established his studio, NGNP Arquitectos, in Seville. His work has focused on competitions and public architecture, having obtained numerous first prizes and various mentions, thanks to which he has acquired significant experience in the design, development, and management of large-scale and complex projects.

Juan Carlos Herrera. He was born in Seville (Spain) in 1984, graduating from the Seville School of Architecture in 2007, being the first graduate of the 2002-2003 promotion, and obtaining the second-best record among graduates in 2006-2007. Collegiate in Seville 6,159. He embarks on a professional career from the second year of his degree, carrying out both his own and group projects and for professional studios, taking an interest in architecture criticism. As a student, he collaborates in different prestigious architecture studios, such as those of Antonio González Cordón, Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, or Ignacio de la Peña (2007-2010) in Seville or BMS, in Istanbul. During 2007-2008 he studied the Official Master of Architecture and Historical Heritage. He combines his professional activity with the development of his Doctoral Thesis, on the children's teaching space for a pedagogy based on Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. In 2013 he joined NGNP as an associate.

Enrique Naranjo. Born in Seville (Spain) in 1980. Architect graduated from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Seville in 2006. He is a collegiate architect no. 5940 of the Official College of Architects of Seville. As a student, he collaborated in the studies of Ubaldo García and Manuel Gutierrez de Rueda. In 2009 he established his studio, NGNP Arquitectos, in Seville. In 2010-2011 he studied the Official Master's Degree in Sustainable City and Architecture at the University of Seville. Parallel to his professional activity, he developed intense theoretical and research work, reflected in numerous articles, publications, and presentations. He is currently developing his Doctoral Thesis.

Manuel López Sánchez, José Carlos Oliva Gómez. MLOPEZ arquitectos

MLOPEZ arquitectos is an architecture studio founded by Manuel López Sánchez in Seville in 2001, which is made up of a multidisciplinary team, which allows them to offer a comprehensive service and develop all types of work in the field of architecture and urban planning.

Manuel López Sánchez. Founding Partner of MLOPEZ architects in 2001. Architect from the ETSAS (1994-2001). Master's Degree in Urban Planning and Territorial Planning – Urban Planning Technician in 2006. Diploma of Expert in Mediation in Architecture, Building and Urban Planning in 2015. Collaborator in the Architecture and Urban Planning Studio of Luis Ureta Tejero since 1999. Awarded by the Dragados Foundation for the Content of Design and Construction Development in the Final Year Project. Extensive training, highlighting his knowledge in urban planning and management, in bioclimatic design and extensive experience in the management of building and urbanization works.

José Carlos Oliva Gómez. Partner MLOPEZ architects. Architect from ETSAS (1996-2003). He began to collaborate in the MLOPEZ ARQUITECTOS studio in 2003, becoming a partner in 2011. Collaborator as an external structural calculator with Vorsevi during the years 2007 and 2008. Designer architect of the First Residence in Spain for People with Deaf-Blindness in 2008 Specialist with extensive training in the design and calculation of structures and installations, having calculated more than two million m2 of structures, also highlighting his extensive experience in drafting expert opinions.



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