White and clear-cut to enter Calamonte. Integral Development Center ‘Centro’ by NGNP architects

White and clear-cut to enter Calamonte. Integral Development Center ‘Centro’ by NGNP architects
[Calamonte - Badajoz] Spain
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA
Integral Development Center ‘Centro’ by NGNP architects. Photography © Jesús Granada
The building designed by NGNP arquitectos is located on the edge of the city, between the agricultural area and the beginning of the industrial area that gives access to the Extremadura city of Calamonte, in the province of Badajoz, Spain.
NGNP arquitectos design a double volume for this center of entrepreneurs, of which it emphasizes its compact image and sharp towards the outside and its interior opening to a narrow patio, very suitable to obtain shade and protection against the sun. Its rotundity and clarity make you see how these semi-industrial buildings are good transition elements that generate a good image when they are located as entrance doors to a city.

Description of project by NGNP arquitectos

Integral Development Center ‘Centro’ by NGNP arquitectos

The plot is located in the urban edge of the small town of Calamonte, on a land platform that visually dominates the surrounding farmland. From this location, which gives it a special value in the city-field-landscape relationship, leave the main formal and conceptual decisions that inspire the project. Furthermore, the presence of the building far from the road access routes, the A-66 Highway and Road to Seville, also causes the building necessarily respond to them. Therefore...read more

NGNP arquitectos (José Antonio Plaza Can
o, Juan Carlos Herrera Pueyo and Fernando Garrido Naranjo)
María Luisa Lorenzo Fernández (structure
) Estanislao Fernández Herrera (MPE engineer) Antonio Vallejo López (quantity surveyor)
Coalfe Construcciones Extremeñas S.L.
Diputación Provincial de Badajoz
Carretera de Sevilla s/n, Calamonte (Bad
Build area 788.90 m²
648,013.67 € (PEM)
May 2013 (competition) March 2014 (pro
ject) 2014-2015 (works)


José Antonio Plaza.
Nace en Sevilla (España) en 1977. Arquitecto licenciado por la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla en 2004. Es arquitecto colegiado nº 5490 del Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Sevilla, y posee título revalidado para el ejercicio profesional en México desde 2013. Como estudiante colaboró en el estudio de José Mª Jiménez y Ángel L. Candel...read more