Refuge for a photographer who wants to escape the city. House Lo by Ateliér Lina Bellovičová

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Design team
Lead architects.- Lina Koníček Bellovičová.
Ondřej Koníček.
Built-up Area.-195 sqm. Gross Floor Area.-160 sqm. Usable Floor Area.- 160 sqm. Plot size.-20000 sqm.
Project date.-2017. Finish date.-2018.
Chřiby, Czech Republic.

Lina Koníček Bellovičová. Ateliér Lina Bellovičová

Lina Koníček Bellovičová studied architecture at the Brno University of Technology. During her studies she participated in the Bauhaus Summer School in Dessau - Germany, and did an internship in Zurich - Switzerland. She also worked at the Tato Architects studio in Kobe-Japan, where she worked on the design of the Papabubble candy store in Osaka. After returning to the Czech Republic, she founded her own studio. In her practice, she focuses on single-family houses, residential buildings and urban studios in the Czech Republic and abroad. Each and every one of the houses are original that reflect the personality of the client.



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