Rehabilitation and extension of the headquarters of Banco Caminos by Ruiz Barbarin Arquitectos

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Antonio Ruiz Barbarin, arquitecto
Jorge Ruiz Belda, arquitecto. Laura Banus, arquitecto, Javier Berraco
Project Date.- 2010. Completed date.- 2016
1.973 m²
ALPI, S.A. Ing.
X. Ferres
Banco Caminos—Bancofar
C/ Almagro Nº 6-8, Madrid

Antonio Ruiz Ruíz Barbarín Arquitectos

Antonio Ruíz Barbarín. Born in Corella, Navarra, since 1985 he is an architect by ETSAM with Honorary Degree, being awarded the Extraordinary Prize and Nº1 of the Promotion.  Doctor Cum Laudae for the E.T.S.A.M, with the thesis "Luis Barragan in front of the mirror. The Other Look ". (September 2004). He has been professor since 1989, and since 2012 professor in the Department of Architectural Projects of ETSAM.

During his career, he has combined teaching and research with some editorial work. During the years 1.985 to 1.987 was co-founder and co-director of the Architecture magazine "El Croquis International", in addition, he´s co-author of the book "Spanish Contemporary Architecture 1,975 -1,990". (Editorial El Croquis), with which he obtains the COAM 1.989 Award and "Madrid looks at his statues" (Madrid VII City Hall award in urban research), and is also the author of "Luis Barragán in front of the mirror. The Other Look ", (Editorial Fundacion Caja de Arquitectos, 2008). Now he has just published the books "Pretexts to talk about architecture" (Editorial Nobuko, 2012) and "Seventy steps. The ladder in time and space" (Caser Foundation) as a result of three years of research and this year has won the COAM 2013 Award.

He is curator of the exhibition "35+ Arquitectura Española 1975 - 2010. 35+ Building in Democracy", itinerant in Athens and Nicosia, Cadiz and Madrid. His work, with a high percentage in the field of rehabilitation, is carried out in different countries, having been published in different books and magazines, both national and foreign. His work has won national and international awards, among them the COAM 2013 Prize for the rehabilitation of the new headquarters of the law firm Cuatrecasas in Madrid and COAM 2015 Award for the rehabilitation of the office building sito en c / Génova 17 in Madrid.



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