Reinterpretation of rice mill. Lorpoonphol Ricemill Office by PHTAA living design

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Lorpoonpol Ricemill Co., Ltd.
Design Date.- 2019. Project Completion Date.- 2021
98 Moo 9 inburi-khaosai Rd. Tumbol Khokduea, Amphoe Phaisali, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.

Ponwit Ratanatanatevilai, Harisadhi Leelayuwapan, Thanawat Patchimasiri. PHTAA Living Design

PHTAA Living Design is a fresh and motivated team of architects, interior designer and creatives based in Bangkok, Thailand. They have strong belief that architecture serves as a bridge to connect culture with the architectural detail to strive for a greatness quality of living.

PHTAA found in 2016 by three co-founder Ponwit Ratanatanatevilai, Harisadhi Leelayuwapan and Thanawat Patchimasiri. With the belief of the beauty of sculptural, autonomous and ambiguous in architecture and interior architecture

Their vision in architecture and interior architecture is to interpret and integrate them intoone cross-cultural design language. Therefore they are interested in the questions of what influenced its process up to the present and what architecture can add to increase the quality of tactility.

They truly passionate about architecture and design to develop every project with their dedication to accomplish their clients experience in their own legacy piece of art.



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