Reinterpreting the language of 20th century architecture. Mia Dorcol by Zabriskie studio

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2,900 sqm.
Belgrade, Mike Alasa, Braće Baruh, Serbia.

Milka Gnjato, Vladimir Đorić, Lela Alempijević. Zabriskie studio

Zabriskie is a Belgrade-based architecture company founded by Milka Gnjato, Vladimir Đorić and Lela Alempijević which, for five years, has had twenty architects specialized in the field of architecture, design, engineering, urban development and architectural consulting. Their goal in years to follow is to become the most progressive, professional architectural practice in the region, by creating a strong architectural impact on a final user and therefore on society. Challenging the existing architectural boundaries they try to change awareness toward boundaries of achievable.

As one of the founding partners, Milka has been leading the development of Zabriskie practice toward one of the most recognizable in Serbia. In her capacity as a creative director, she is responsible for the improvement of design methodology and its results, throughout experiments in design processes, extensive exchange of opinions, and interdisciplinary cooperation. She oversees the quality of conceptualization phase where the main focus is on creating new impulses to the surroundings, whether they are functional, social, or aesthetic. She strongly believes, that every answer for design is to be found in context – physical, theoretical, social, cultural, historical as well as that the true identity of architecture lays in its capacity to communicate and span basic human values throughout time.



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