Respectful intervention. New Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by MMN arquitectos

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Design team
Milla, Mira y Navarro (MMNarquitectos).- José Milla de Marco, Miguel Ángel Mira Illana, Gustavo Navarro Jiménez, Javier del Monte Diego, Miguel Ángel Piquet Sanz.
Project coordination.- Lourdes García Sánchez-Cervera TRAGSA. Energy Efficiency Installations.- Ignacio Prieto Leache TRAGSATEC. Structures.- José Ramón Negueruela Sánchez TRAGSATEC. Installations.- José Javier Díez Vidal and José Manuel Tellería Bartolomé TRAGSATEC. Site execution management.- José Luís Ballesteros INECO. Technical assistance for structures and installations.- Alejandro Torrego, Belén Palacios, Manuel Palacios, Ángel González INECO. BREEAM Consulting.- Raquel García Rodríguez, David Tejedo. RD GREEN.
50,898.50 sqm.
Project.- 2014-2016. Completion.- 2021.
Spigo - False wooden ceilings. Sitab.- Partitions. Bega, Schuco.
Plaza de Marqués de Salamanca #8. Madrid, Spain.

José Milla de Marco, Miguel Ángel Mira Illana, Gustavo Navarro Jiménez. MMN Arquitectos

Milla, Mira and Navarro Arquitectos (MMN Arquitectos) is an architectural firm founded in 1993 by José Milla de Marco, Miguel Ángel Mira Illana and Gustavo Navarro Jiménez. Architects by the ETSAM in 1986.

In 2000 and 2006 the partners Javier del Monte Diego and Miguel Ángel Piquet Sanz joined the firm, respectively.

MMN Arquitectos is a firm with more than 30 years of experience in works for both institutional and private clients. Their professional trajectory includes projects and buildings for judicial, health, educational, cultural, and office use, as well as rehabilitation works, including the current headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Plaza del Marqués de Salamanca.

They are experts in participatory methodologies and suitable environments for active aging and people with functional diversity, carrying out architecture and accessible urban planning projects. In collaboration with the Jubilares Association, they are carrying out Senior Cohousing community projects in Spain.



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