Revitalization of Old Glassworks and surrounding urban areas of Ptuj by ELEMENTARNA

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Project team
Matevž Zalar, Ambrož Bartol, Dominik Košak, Miha Munda, Rok Staudacher, Samo Kralj.
Landscape architecture office.- KOLEKTIV TEKTONIKA (Darja Matjašec, Pia Kante, Katja Mali).
Architect.- Marko Primažič.
Structural engineer.- Marko Pavlinjek.
Electrical engineer.- Jakob Lovšin.
Mechanical engineer.- Bojan Mehle.
City Municipality of Ptuj.
Total area.- 3,181 sqm.
Usable floor area.- 1,361 sqm.
Ptuj, Slovenia.
Miran Kambič, Matevž Zalar.

Matevž Zalar, Ambrož Bartol, Dominik Košak, Miha Munda, Rok Staudacher. ELEMENTARNA

ELEMENTARNA is a studio founded by Matevž Zalar, Ambrož Bartol, Dominik Košak, Miha Munda, and Rok Staudacher in the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The studio understands architecture as a bridge between two worlds. The first is the world of physical space, which surrounds us and which, with all the boundary conditions, represents the basis for the design of the "body" of architecture. The second is the current world, which with all its advantages and disadvantages within the broader social context determines the conditions for the formation of the "soul" of architecture. In establishing this bridge, they always look to their understanding of the mission of the profession for inspiration.

Architecture cannot simply be the result of the spontaneous creative inspiration of an individual, especially at a time when nature tells us every day that the times of unlimited consumption of natural resources and arrogant attitude towards the environment are over. back. In his opinion, good architecture, like nature, must always question established processes, seek new paths, change, and adapt.

Such architecture, despite the era dominated by superficiality and ephemerality, constructs space differently; and seeks inspiration for contemporary architectural expression elsewhere. It personifies them in the dramaturgy of experience and the experience of space, about nature, time, and memory... It is an architecture whose essence resides in the space it embraces, and not in the image it shows. It is an architecture that does not build itself but only complements what has always existed in a given place.



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