Sculptural and kinetic. Headquarters of the Province of Antwerp by Xaveer De Geyter Architects

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Project team
Competition.- Xaveer De Geyter, Doug Allard, Christophe Antipas, Lieven De Boeck, Yannis Igodt, Paul-Emmanuel Lambert, Federico Pedrini, Marie-Pierre Vandeputte. Definitive design.- Xaveer De Geyter, Yannis Igodt, with Doug Allard, David Ampe, Tom Bonnevalle, Karel Bruyland, Elena Caruso, Joris De Greef, Denisse Florea, Arie Gruijters, Annelotte Herrebosch, Willem Van Besien, Peter Vande Maele, Yannick Vergnaud, Stéphanie Willocx. Implementation.- Xaveer De Geyter, Tom Bonnevalle, Yannis Igodt, with Joris De Greef, Arie Gruijters, Annelotte Herrebosch.
Structure.- Bollinger+Grohmann. Techniques.- Boydens. Landscape.- Michel Desvigne Paysagiste. Competition phase - Energy.- Transsolar.
Province of Antwerp.
Surface plot.- 28,250 sqm. Surface.- 33,000 sqm.
€ 60,700,000.
December 2013 - September 2019.
Koningin Elisabethlei 22 2018 Antwerp, Belgium.

Xaveer De Geyter. Xaveer De Geyter Architects

Xaveer De Geyter Architects is a Brussels/Paris - based office practising architecture, urbanism and landscape design founded in 1988 by Xaveer De Geyter (1957) after his experience as project architect for OMA/Rem Koolhaas.

During the thirty years of its existence, XDGA has managed to build up a significant portfolio and obtain worldwide recognition thanks to its unique approach, diversified expertise and international team (54 collaborators from 11 countries).

XDGA counts to this day five monographs, numerous awards (Mies Van der Rohe Award, Bigmat Award, Flemish Culture Award for Architecture) and three travelling solo exhibitions.

XDGA’s most relevant realised projects include, amongst others: the Subway Station and Public Square Place Rogier in Brussels (2015), the new Headquarters for the Province of Antwerp (2019) and the Multipurpose School Building in Ghent (2020).

Ongoing projects comprise: the extension of the Fine Arts Mueum of Tournai, the development of Three City Blocks and a Mixed-use Building in Brussels.



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