Serenity in the new spaces of the civic center Pedralonga, by Rodriguez Blanco Arquitectos

Serenity in the new spaces of the civic center Pedralonga, by Rodriguez Blanco Arquitectos
[A Coruña] Spain
metalocus, JOSÉ FABERO
Down Association Coruña and Civic Center in Pedralonga, by Rodriguez Blanco Arquitectos. Photograph © Ana Amado. Asociación Down Coruña y Centro cívico por Rodriguez Blanco Arquitectos. Fotografía © Ana Amado
The down association Coruña shares spaces in the new civic center designed by Emilio Rodriguez Blanco, in Pedralonga, A Coruña.
Rodriguez Blanco Arquitectos generates a square juxtaposing a new volume to the rehabilitation of a teaching center. This volume houses a large multipurpose room that completes the use and common program.

Project description by Rodriguez Blanco Arquitectos

The project starts from a small disused educational center that grows considerably with new volumes and spaces. Although there are common conditions in both uses, the new center completes the needs program with new spaces not available in the previous equipment, especially a large multipurpose room.

The primitive pavilion is completed incorporating new pieces that conform a building with plant in "U", so that they appear two wings articulated by a zonacentral of reception that easily orders the operation of the center.

In the existing pavilion, the lecture hall program is organized, in the new pavilion the large multipurpose room is located, and the center is located in the entrance and administration.
This arrangement generates more

Emilio Rodriguez Blanco, José Luis Martí
nez Raído
Anton Pena Auge and Borja Martinez Raido
Quantity surveyor
Julio Jorge Duran
l Álvarez Esmorís (President)
1092,99 m²
Construction cost
€ 799.000
September 2015
Ana Amado
Street de Pedralonga, 15009 A Coruña

Rodriguez Blanco

Emilio Rodríguez Blanco. Architect by the ETSA of La Coruña (1999). Erasmus in the TU Graz, ILAUD in the IUAV Venice. He has collaborated with Coop-Himmelblau, ACXT Idom, or Irisarri-Piñera.He combines both academic and professional work in his career. Teaching as Professor at the ETSAC and at the Landscape Architecture Master Juana de Vega, and also as visiting Professor at the Fakultät more