Set of transparencies. Tribuna Pública by Flu-or Arquitectura and Alba González

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Flu-or Arquitectura, Alba González.
Art curator.- Juan de Nieves.
300 sqm.
Scaffolding.- Andamios Layher. Fabrics.- Moñita. Machinery and scaffolding.- Claaman.
Plaza da Fábrica de Tabacos, A Coruña.
Luis Santalla, Alba González, Juan de Nieves.

Juan M. Salgado, Luis M. Santalla Flu-or

Flu-or is an architecture studio based in A Coruña since 2009. It is currently directed by Juan M. Salgado and Luis M. Santalla. Since their beginnings as a group of students they have explored the transformation of spaces by combining design with construction. Proof of this are the events such as FETSAC and the workshops carried out in the architecture schools of Madrid, Seville and A Coruña.

Since 2013 they develop professional work as an architecture studio, working on all scales in which architecture is understood. They draft housing projects, commercial spaces, rehabilitation, while dedicating time to the design and self-construction of furniture.

Part of his work involves the design of ephemeral installations, such as the Public Tribune, temporarily located in the Plaza de Tabacos in A Coruña, and the installation "Telar" for the lobby of the Valle Inclán Theater in Madrid.

Regarding the urban scale, they are winners of the Europan 13 prize, and of the ideas competition for the Litoral Edge of A Coruña, developed with Habitat Social and Ergosfera.

Alba Gonzalez Vilar

Alba González Vilar. Lugo, Spain, 1987. Architect by the Higher Technical School of Architecture of A Coruña (UDC), also formed by the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), the city where she begins her professional practice. Master in Sustainable Building and Postgraduate in International Cooperation and Development in Education from the UDC.

She has developed multidisciplinary and international professional work from urban planning projects, and cooperation in Latin America as well as the realization of residential, commercial, ephemeral architecture and furniture projects in Spain.

She has been a regular collaborator since 2013 with Flu-or Arquitectura in works such as Public Tribune, and the winning projects Europan 13, and the ideas competition for the Litoral Edge of A Coruña, among others.



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