Sin Título Arquitectura + evo (a) lab + Natalia Olivera + Rafael Luviano win the "Benito Juarez Ecological Park"

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Sin Título Arquitectura: Celia Atzimba Granados Campos (Partner-director), Luis Jacobo Villafuerte (Partner-director), Rodrigo Pantoja Calderón (Founder and director of EVO (A) LAB), Natalia Olivera and Rafael Luviano.
Government of Michoacan, Ministry of Urban Development and Mobility, Morelia Zoo, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, School of Architecture UMNSH, Territorial Intelligence Unit.
July 13 2022.
Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico.

Celia Granados, Luis Jacobo Villafuerte Sin Título Arquitectura

SIN TÍTULO ARQUITECTURA is an architecture and landscaping workshop, founded in Morelia Michoacán; directed by Celia Granados Campos master in Landscape Architecture and Luis Jacobo Villafuerte master in Architecture Projects. The study is also formed by the architect Adriana Barragán Moreno.

They are identified by the production of various works with a multidisciplinary collaboration approach, as well as the exploration and understanding of various environments and inhabitants where our work is manifested. Hence the emergence and denomination of our workshop that does not undergo a single trend or architectural task.

In the workshop projects are developed at different architectural scales, always looking for dialogue and coexistence with the landscape that is expressed and lived in each place. SIN TITULO ARQUITECTURA participates through its members in academic and research work, examining forms of expression of architecture, social phenomena and landscape.



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