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Registration.- 20 June-30 September.
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Quito, Ecuador.

Taller de Arquitectura. Mauricio Rocha

Taller de Arquitectura / Mauricio Rocha. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Max Cetto Workshop (UNAM) 1985-1990 with Honorable Mention. In 1991 he founded Taller de Arquitectura / Mauricio Rocha. Throughout 30 years of professional practice, he has developed projects of a public and private nature of multiple scales, alternating his work with the realization of ephemeral architecture interventions in art exhibitions, as well as museography.

He has been awarded on multiple occasions individually and as a firm, in 2013 the Faculty of Architecture of UNAM awarded him the Federico Mariscal Chair with the highest recognition of this house of studies for professional practice, in 2014 he received the Emerging Voices recognition granted the Architectural League of New York to 8 architecture firms from America; He has received the first prize and gold medal on two occasions from the Mexican Architecture Biennial, as well as the Quito Pan-American Architecture Biennial (BAQ) and the Ibero-American Architecture and Urbanism Biennial (BIAU), among other national and international recognitions.

In 2019, the French Academy of Architecture awarded him the Médaille d'Or Palmarés, the highest recognition for a professional career. Last year he received the Brick Award, recognition for excellent brick architecture. He has been a fellow and jury for the FONCA Arts Commission, as well as for various institutions, competitions and Biennials. He is a life jury member for the Marcelo Zambrano Scholarship. Member of the National Academy of Architecture and Member of the National Academy of Arts. He has taught at various Universities in Mexico City and given conferences in different parts of Mexico, South America, USA and Europe. His work has been exhibited in Mexico, NY, China, Brazil, Venice, Turin, among other cities and countries; He has also been published in magazines and books such as Domus, 10x10 Phaidon, Arquine, Escala, Summa +, The Architectural Review, The Plan, among others; In 2011 he published his book Mauricio Rocha Taller de Arquitectura.

Rodrigo Duque Motta. Duque Motta​

Duque Motta​ is an architectural practice based in Santiago de Chile, founded in 2004 by Rodrigo Duque Motta, first as RDM architecture. 

Their work seeks to build value based on a methodology focused on customer needs and collaborative work; intensively using design as a tool for improvement that multiplies the possibilities; with sensitivity and respect for the physical, cultural and environmental context; and a focus on the definition of identity and construction of human experience.

Rodrigo Duque Motta was born in Santiago, Chile, in March 1976. He received his architecture degree from Pontificia Universidad Católica in 2001. He is Architecture design professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica and has run his own architecture studio since 2003. In 2007 he received the Award of the Architects’ Association of Chile for best architect under 35. In his studio has developed projects in a wide range of areas. In the hotel sector highlights the Casino & Hotel of Talca and the Elqui Domos Astronomical Hotel; in industrial area the development of projects for Quintay and Emiliana Vineyards; in the institutional sphere the Faculty of Economics of UDP. Finnaly in residential area has developed Chile-España building, and Duque House, with which he won the prize for the best work in the residential category at the Architecture Biennale of Santiago in 2004. His works have been published in specialized magazines in more than 20 countries.

Pablo Núñez, Juan Vicente, Cristian Larraín, Matias Madsen. MAPA AC

MAPA AC integrates the experience and knowledge of its partners in the development of strategic projects and large-scale public use (health, education, sports, research, residential, etc.). It constitutes a team capable of approaching with solvency the professional practice, understanding it as a multidisciplinary collective project whose purpose is to give an effective, varied, and natural response to complex problems.
MAPA AC is a company with the capacity to form multi-professional teams capable of dealing with all aspects involved in the planning, design, construction, or analysis of building complexes.



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