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[pacman] Architectures. PKMN

PKMN is an arch office and collective based in Madrid [Spain] since 2006.

Graduated at Technical University of Madrid, they have been awarded by Università La Sapienza(Rome), Instituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, Ecole d'Architecture de Paris Val-de-marne, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia in Spain.

Carmelo Rodríguez, David Pérez, Enrique Espinosa y Rocío Pina have collaborated with many offices and practices: Juan Herreros, SOLID (Soto y Maroto), Javier Revillo, MI5 Arquitectos, Enrique Krahe, Andrés Jaque, José Mª Ezquiaga, ZooHaus, F8 Arquitecturas, Carlos Arroyo y Emilio Luque. They do research into technology - typology - construction (applied to consolidated  urban contexts, local memory and contemporary cultures); simultaneously they love exploring new architectural fields connecting citizens, identity, pedagogy, communication, game, action and cities, specially throughout strategies of participation, mediation and social innovation, and experimental active learning process. They`re fulfilled diverse projects in Spain such as New Teruel Market Square, Oficina Gratuita de Arquitectura, Europan, Innopia, El Madrileño del Año, Plan Extinción or Museo MASJ in Alcázar de San Juan.

They develop an action and pedagogical workline called "City creates City" (with Diana Hernández, Alejandra navarrete, Carlos Mínguez and Almudena mestre, who have worked with PKMN in another projects) dealing with Spanish universities, portuguese, mexican and argentinian, such as La Coruña, Sevilla, UCJC Madrid, Chihuahua, Mexico DF, Buenos Aires, cities as Caceres, Toledo, Merida or Burgos and companies as Fagor or AENA. They have taken part in exhibitions such as XIII Bienal Buenos Aires, EME3 (CCCB-BCN), Archivo de Creadores (Matadero-Madrid) FreshMadrid & FreshLatino (COAM, I.Cervantes), AlNorte2010 or Post-post-post, and their work has been published by Mark, Pasajes, AV, METALOCUS, El País, El Economista, Arquire, Europan, Fundación Arquia, Future and other media.




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