Stop and observe: sights, sounds, movements. Tea House Pavilion by GRAU architects

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GRAU architects. Architects.- Andrej Olah, Filip Marčák, Jana Filípková, Alexandra Májska.
Project team
Students, workshop participants.- Julia Kurnik, Alicja Łosik, Alexandra Gospodarek, Katarzyna Owczarska, Maria Pawłova, Maciej Kuratczyk, Michał Teodorczyk, Jan Chmurski.
Area / Dimensions
Gross Floor Area.- 9 m².
Dimensions.- 3 x 3 x 4 m.
[49°44'48.9"N 18°36'07.9"E] Hrabinka Lake, Český Těšín, Czech Republic.

Andrej Olah, Filip Marčák. GRAU architects

GRAU architects. Architectural studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia, founded in 2014, recently led by Andrej Olah and Filip Marčák. GRAU works on different scales of projects, from interiors to public buildings. We are always trying to with the context in context, not fake, and work with honest materials and approaches. We work from whole to detail, from vision to realisation. We are constantly looking for a connection between interior and exterior.

Awards and collective work
2022 INSAID AWARDS, winner cat. Stores, Slovakia – ISADORE
2022 Nominee Grand Prix Architektů, Czech Republic – bistro BO District
2022 Nominee NCD 22, cat. Space, Slovakia – design of exhibition NCD 20
2022 1st place, Arch. competition, Slovakia – design of the interior of Old City Hall of Žilina
2020 INTERIÉR ROKU, Public interior, Czech Republic – bistro SOHO BB
2020 INSAID AWARDS Horeca, Slovakia - bistro SOHO AU
2020 4th place, International arch. competition – reconstruction of Grössling baths, Slovakia
2020 3rd place, Arch. competition, Slovakia - Bytový súbor Terchovská, social housing
2020 3rd place, Arch. competition, Slovakia - Bytový súbor Parková, social housing
2019 BIG SEE AWARD, Slovenia - bistro SOHO AU
2019 BIG SEE AWARD, Slovenia - optics store ZITA
2018 Nominee CEZAAR 2018, Slovakia - bistro SOHO DUN
2016 CEZAAR 2016, Slovakia - design store slávica
2016 Nominee Dušan Jurkovič prize, Slovakia - family house Anízová, with plusminusarchitects

Selected clients include
SNM – Museum Betliar and Krásna Hôrka, Instarea, Elysium tech, Davinci software, Triad, YIT, Corwin, HB Reavis, Lucron, A.En Slovensko, STM Power, and others.



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