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dmvA. Tom Verschueren, born in 1970 in Hoogstraten, Belgium. Studied architecture at the Henry van de Velde College in Antwerpen. Graduated in 1993. Post-graduated in Monument and Landscape in Antwerpen, 1995. Started the office for architecture dmvA in 1997, together with his friend David Driesen.

David Driesen, born in 1968 in Duffel, Belgium. Graduated architecture, specialisation urban-planning, in 1992 at Sint Lucas, Brussels. Post-graduated in Monument and Landscape in 1995, Antwerpen, where he met Tom Verschueren. Since a few years examiner at Hogeschool voor Wetenschap in Kunst Sint Lucas, Brussels, teacher architecture at KU Leuven.

Both architects want to express themselves by means of architecture, which is where the Dutch abbreviation dmvA stands for (door middel van Architectuur). Together with their team of architects they completed several private and public projects, such as offices, apartments, sport accommodation, schools, social housing, private houses, shop-interiors and art projects. Occasionally design-objects are created. Commissions are frequently won in competition and many of them were (inter) nationally nominated or received national awards.

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